Top 5 Car-Buying Tips for College Grads

11 Apr

Spring is here! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and graduation caps are flying through the air. Yeah, that’s right; spring means college graduation. It’s the end of an era and beginning of your journey into adulthood. Why not treat yourself to a fun yet practical gift, like a Dodge.

Dodge College Grad Program

With graduation comes spending more time in your car, from the endless job interviews to waiting in rush hour traffic and even the occasional road trip to your alma mater. You need a vehicle you can rely on.

Buying your first car as a recent college grad is an exciting yet daunting experience. Weighing your options and doing your homework will make the process smoother. We’ve made it easier than ever to find the perfect new Dodge for you with these five easy tips!

Buy Used

Pre-owned cars are a great way to save. The last thing you want is to be stuck with large monthly car payments on top of having to pay off your student loans. Buying a used car is the smarter option that won’t leave your wallet feeling pinched. Plus, at Dodgeland of Columbia, we have a huge inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles that have passed our rigorous performance and safety tests, so you can drive confidently in a used Dodge.

Establish a Budget

When coming up with a budget for your car, consider all your monthly costs including rent, bills and student loans. This will help you stay within the limits of what you can afford so you don’t get in over your head with payments. Setting realistic goals will help you manage other financial areas, too.

Look for Incentives

Yes, you may be done with college, but you still have to do your homework. Many dealerships have incentive programs, like the Dodge College Graduate Program. Get to work – save some cash and get a good value by finding the perfect incentive program.

Take a Test Drive

A test drive is like trying on clothes – it can determine if the car is the right fit. Also, it gives you a better feel of the car’s quality, inside and out. During your test drive, be sure to test the brakes and lights while driving on both slow roads and busy freeways. Don’t forget to check out the passenger seats. The more time you spend with a car during a test drive, the more accurate your evaluation will be.

Buy from a Dealer

One of the advantages of buying from a dealer is scoring a car in good condition. Although buying online may seem cheaper, it’s not always the best option. Dealerships offer a safer environment and certified pre-owned cars in good condition. Plus, you can ask questions and the knowledgeable staff can answer them with ease.

Avoid buyer’s remorse by visiting Dodgeland of Columbia (190 Greystone Blvd. Columbia, SC 29210). Dodgeland of Columbia offers a wide range of new and used vehicles along with auto financing services. Call us at (877) 331-9243 and schedule a test drive today!



Eco-Friendly Cars- The all-new 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

6 Mar

Growing concerns about the effects of the carbon footprint on the environment has led to new technological inventions in the automotive industry. Engineers and designers are combining their thinking caps in an effort to produce more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly cars. A recent study showed that the USA makes up only 4% of the world’s population but accounts for an astounding 25% of the world’s greenhouse gasses. A big part of this percent is a result of CO2 emissions from care emissions.

Dodge Ram 1500 Eco-Diesel

Dodge has taken a stand in trying to counter the carbon footprint by producing eco-friendly vehicles. The all-new 2014 Ram 1500 HFE (high fuel efficiency) with Stop-Start System is one of Dodge’s “green” models with a class-leading fuel economy. The 2014 Ram maintained a similar style and frame to its predecessor. New features include a 3.0 – liter turbocharged V6 diesel engine, Ram’s stop-start system, aluminum hood and enhanced performance.

Eco-Diesel V6 Diesel Engine

The Eco-Diesel engine is the first of its kind in the half-ton pickup segment. Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) was used to give it a lightweight build. With the Chrysler group exclusive MultiJet 2 common-rail fuel-injection system, the 2014 Ram offers unsurpassable performance. The Eco-Diesel engine was named one of the world’s 10 Best Engines for 2014.

Stop-Start system

This is the industry’s first non-hybrid full-size pickup with hybrid-like qualities. The stop-start system improved the new Ram’s fuel economy by up to 3.3%. Similar to the hybrid, the stop-start system operates without the drivers influence. It automatically restarts when the brakes are released and a battery sensor monitors the system voltage to recharge the engine. Drivers have an option to turn of the system through a system disable switch on the dashboard if they chose. The stop-start is a groundbreaking eco-friendly, fuel-saving technology.

Aluminum Materials

The use of lightweight materials such as aluminum decreased the hood’s weight by 26 pounds. Additional lightweight materials were utilized in the frame, suspension pieces, bumper and powertrain elements. This removed 143 pounds from the overall weight of the new Ram, thus improving its maneuverability and torque.


The Eco-Diesel engine and the six-speed automatic transmission is an unbeatable combination. The engine generates a smashing 305 horsepower while offering 20% better fuel economy than the previous model. A new power-assist steering was put in place to reduce engine drag for enhanced performance. The thermal management system maintains the engine and transmission’s temperature at the ideal level. This beaut is designed for optimum performance with every part strategically designed to complement the other.

The 2014 Ram was selected as Motor Trend’s 2014 Truck of the Year for the second time in a row. It also exceeded the EPA’s highway rating for the top-ranked small pickup. It provides optimum performance, a good fuel economy and emits less C02 into the environment. What more could a pickup enthusiast want.

To get the best deals on the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Eco-Diesel, visit Dodgeland of Columbia or give us a call at (877) 331-9243. Also, check out our new car inventory stop by your local Dodge dealer, Dodgeland of Columbia, located in Columbia, SC for a test drive today!


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The 2014 Dodge Dart Blacktop

7 Feb

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) has been taking place for over a century. For the first several decades the show was strictly geared toward US auto makers until 1987 when a group of visionary auto dealers thought it fit to bring the global community of auto enthusiasts together. The objective was to allow individuals who love and appreciate the artistry within the automotive industry to share ideas and gain insight on the latest auto trends. What has made the NAIS a success over the years is their ability to engage individuals by giving them a sneak peek into the future of the automotive and technological industry.

This year’s Detroit Auto Show was a success in engaging and enhancing the experience of attendees by delivering over 60 spectacular and innovative new vehicle models. The show attracted the most influential media and car-buying public; bringing together over 800k attendees. On the last day, 102,000 people attended and brought the two week total to 803,451; which is recorded to be the highest number of attendees the show has had since 2003.

Dodge’s smallest but highly futuristic offering was the 2014 Dodge Dart Blacktop. Unlike many car’s that were redesigned, Dodge Dart kept its simple design but added a touch of finesse to the exterior by offering unique wheels, select glossy exterior colors and Gloss Black accents throughout. Dodge has made the Blacktop its signature theme by adding the feature to the smallest member of its line-up, the Dart. Last year, Blacktop versions were made available on bigger cars such as the Avenger, Challenger, Charger, Durango, Grand Caravan and Journey.

2014 Dodge Dart

The Blacktop feature along with the 18-inch Gloss Black wheels, Gloss Black side mirrors, darkened headlamp bezels and unique sport interior gives the vehicle a luxurious and sporty look. This sinister themed beaut will be available in a variety of colors such as Redline Red, Header Orange, Blue Streak, Granite Crystal Metallic, Billet Silver, Pitch Black and Bright White. Interior features include the Black/Ruby Red premium cloth interior with Ruby Red accent stitching on the panel brow, center console and seat bolters. Ruby Red accents stripes are also on the front seats and door trim panels.

2014 Dodge Dart Interior

The intricate detailing and styling of the Dart makes it the most luxurious compact car manufactured by Dodge and the most award winning vehicle in its class. It’s designed for Luxury, style, comfort, fuel efficiency and safety.

If this sounds like your dream-car visit Dodgeland of Columbia to get the best deal on the new Dodge Dart.

If you’re interested in other Dodge models, view Dodgeland of Columbia’s new car inventory. To test drive any of our new cars, stop by your local Dodge dealer, Dodgeland of Columbia, located in Columbia, SC today.


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New Year Resolutions for Dodge Owners

9 Jan

Another year has come and gone and 2014 has arrived! Whether or not you have made personal New Year resolutions, you should consider resolutions for your Dodge.

Car Care Resolutions

If you own a new or used Dodge, reference our top five resolutions for 2014 and start your new year off right!

  1. Routine Maintenance – Aim to schedule at least two routine maintenance appointments this year. Routine maintenance appointments are key to ensure your car or truck is properly functioning. From oil changes, to brake checks, maintenance is an important part of every vehicle.
  2. Cleanliness – From the interior of your Dodge to the exterior, make an effort to clean your new or used Dodge at least every couple of months. Periodically visit your local car wash to remove any dirt or grime build up, ensure your headlights and taillights are clean and can easily been seen. Lastly, occasionally clean out the inside of your car or truck by vacuuming carpets and removing any trash or unwanted items.
  3. Practice Safe Driving Habits – While safe driving tips should be something everyone practices 365 days a year, sometimes we may stray and forget to signal or experience road rage during rush-hour traffic. Each day you’re driving, incorporate safe driving habits. Always buckle up, signal when merging or turning, stay within a reasonable speed limit, and work toward staying clam during traffic jams.
  4. Assess Insurance Coverage – If you have not assessed your insurance coverage, now is the time to do so! Review your current coverage and ensure you are properly covered. Also, conduct research to compare insurance rates to get the best bang for your buck.
  5. Accessorize – Have you always wanted to add running boards to your Dodge truck? Or perhaps purchase new floor mats? This year, work toward your goal of purchasing those accessories for your car or truck. For ways to accessorize your vehicle, reference our,” Five Accessories for Full-Size Pickups” post.

From check-ups, to cleanliness and even accessories, there are many ways you can help enhance the life of your new or used Dodge this year. Make an effort this year to take care of your vehicle and have a safe and healthy 2014!

To schedule your next maintenance appointment, visit the Dodgleland of Columbia online service scheduler.

If you’re looking for a new or used Dodge, visit Dodgeland of Columbia for new and used cars in Columbia, SC. When you think of Dodge dealerships in Columbia, SC, think Dodgeland of Columbia!

‘Tis The Season to Prep Your Car

4 Dec

According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study, the average American over the age of 18 spends 18 hours and 31 minutes per week in his or her car, averaging out to 2 hours and 38 minutes per day. Your car is important to you and it is a major part of your identity. We know you want your car to be protected and safe during the winter season so we have compiled a list of things to do in order to prevent weather damage. Although temperatures during this time of year are mild in the South, it is still necessary to keep up-to-date with visits to your car dealership for maintenance checks. Below are items to keep an eye out for.

Car Care Tip - Tire Pressure


As the seasons change, so do your tires. Dropping temperatures result in dropping tire pressure. This can cause more friction on the road due to uneven wear and tear, less protection from rims and wheel alignment problems. Be sure to get your tires rotated and aligned. Check your owner’s manual to find the ideal tire pressure for your car.


Oil tends to thicken in lower temperatures, therefore, thinner oil is recommended in colder temperatures because it travels more rapidly through your engine. Thick oil is less efficient in keeping your engine clean and safe from harmful contaminants. Changing your car’s oil and filter is the best way to prolong engine life. Be sure to visit Dodgeland of Columbia or your nearest car dealership in Columbia, SC to get your oil viscosity checked.


Seasonal changes can be your battery’s worst enemy, even if you live in warmer climate with mildly cold weather. Check your battery cables and clamps for corrosion. If you notice a white powdery substance around the clams, fear not, that’s corrosion from battery acid which can easily be cleaned off with baking soda, water and a toothbrush. If your car is older than six years, consider replacing your battery.


Antifreeze is not only meant to prevent freezing. It also serves as a lubricant, anti-corrosion and stabilizing fluid that keeps the engine balanced in varied temperatures. A 50/50 percent mix of antifreeze and distilled water is recommended for your radiator. If you have missed a service interval or if you are not sure whether your car has the right coolant mix, pay your car dealership a visit and have your antifreeze flushed and filled.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Do you remember the last time you replaced your windshield wiper blades? If not, it might be time to invest in new ones. Finding yourself in the midst of a storm while you’re on the highway is never fun. Avoid any hassles this season by inspecting your wiper blades and replacing them if there is any sign of wear. Rule of thumb is that you should change your wiper blades every six months.

Preparing for seasonal changes will prolong the functionality of your car especially when temperatures drastically change. Take a weekend to change your oil, check your tires and check your battery and antifreeze. Last but not least, check your windshield wiper blades to ensure safe and worry-free driving this season. Visit Dodgeland of Columbia online to view our latest parts and services specials.


Perfect Gifts for Dodge Enthusiasts

15 Nov

The holidays are quickly approaching and that means it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your loved ones.

Dodge Holiday Gift Ideas

Dodgeland of Columbia has put together a holiday gift list, keeping all Dodge enthusiasts in mind. The gift list features items all under $50, providing many affordable gift options.

Car wash – A gift certificate to a car wash would help make anyone’s Dodge shine. Consider sticking a car wash gift certificate in your loved one’s stocking this year!

Service Gift Certificates – With any new or used Dodge, service and maintenance is a must. This holiday season gift your loved ones with a Dodgeland of Columbia service gift certificate. Dodgeland of Columbia can service any Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands.

Dodge Hard Cover Journal – Perfect for keeping track of routine scheduled maintenance appointments, as well as any other notes, the Dodge hard cover journal is at the disposal its owner.

Dodge License Plate Frame – A simple, yet practical gift for any Dodge enthusiast is a Dodge license plate frame. Durable metal plated frames are available and ready to showcase the Dodge brand proudly.

Dodge Tumblers – The ever-popular tumblers, especially those branded with the Dodge logo, make for excellent stocking stuffers to give to any Dodge fan. Great for keeping drinks and soup hot, these travel mugs are perfect for anyone on the go.

Branded Cufflinks – If you have a loved one that works in a business professional environment, consider giving the gift of Dodge cufflinks. The branded cufflinks provide personality and style to any professional wardrobe.

Dodge Ball – Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, an actual dodgeball with the Dodge logo displayed is available for purchase. Available in red, this ball will surely capture the attention of anyone near.

Folding Chairs – Branded Dodge mesh folding chairs make for perfect gift ideas, especially for loved ones that attend ball games, go camping or enjoy other outdoor activities.

Key Rings – Another stocking stuffer is a dodge key ring. Dodge key rings come in a variety of styles and design, while providing easy accessibility to any keys.

Road Trip First Aid Kit – An essential for any Dodge enthusiast, or driver in general, a first aid kit provides a sense of security for you and your loved ones on the road. Kits and prices vary.

With these holiday gift ideas to consider, you can give a great Dodge themed gift at an affordable price. To order your gifts online, visit the Dodge eStore.

Don’t forget! If you need routine maintenance service, contact the Dodgeland of Columbia service team or give us a call at (803) 317-2484. We’re happy to help.

Happy Holidays from the Dodgeland of Columbia team!


Five Accessories for Full-Size Pickups

10 Oct

Whether you own a new or used full-size Dodge pickup, there are many ways you can accessorize your truck to fit your unique preference and style. From wheel guards to tailgate protectors, Dodgeland of Columbia has listed our top five choices for truck accessorizing.

Dodge Ram

1. Running Boards – While some trucks may come equipped with running boards, those that don’t could certainly use the running boards as simple accessories to allow people to get in and out of the truck with ease.

There are a variety of running board options, including boards that automatically fold and up down. Prices range around $250-$1,500.

2. Tailgate Protectors – Tailgates tend to withstand a lot of abuse from items being dragged into the bed of a truck, hauling cargo and corrosive effects from such events. With a good tailgate cover, you can help protect both the truck’s load surface and the top of the tailgate.

The average cost to add tailgate protectors range from $30 – $150.

3. Tonneau Cover – If your truck does not have a cover, consider purchasing a Tonneau Cover. Tonneau Covers provide an easy way to store and protect your cargo, without sticking out like a sore thumb. The covers come in an assortment of colors to match your truck.

Tonneau Covers start at $100 and can cost over $1,000 depending on your style and need.

4. Truck Floor Mats – All trucks come with standard floor mats, but through every day wear and tear, investing in custom-engineered truck floor mats can offer complete protection from spills and other corrosives. With a variety of floor mats available, you can choose the ones that best fit your Dodge truck.

Truck floor mats tend to range from $20 – $100.

5. Spray-On Bedliner –Protect your truck bed with spray-on bedliner. The bedliner offers a protective coating that prevents dings and scratches. Like everything else, there are various spray-on options including urethane-based and vinyl-like plastic.

Standard sprays start at $450 to $550, while higher-end total body sprays can cost up to $5,000.

If you’re looking to accessorize your new or used car, visit Dodgeland of Columbia. Located at 190 Greystone Boulevard in Columbia, SC, Dodgeland features a large inventory of cars, trucks and SUVs. For questions, give us a call at 803-317-2484. Dodgeland proudly serves the Carolina Midlands, including Columbia, Lexington, Winnsboro, Chapin, Camden, Lugoff, and Elgin.


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