Collision Repair – Not Just Anywhere!

19 Dec

Accidents happen, no two ways about it; but do you know if the mechanic working on your automobile is certified or even the auto body shop? The fact is that most people who are involved in fender benders or other types of damage want to get their car fixed ASAP. The national average is that 75% of people polled do not even know if the auto body shop is even certified to work on their car, or even if they have a certified specialist that knows how your car works.

We here at the Dodgeland Body Shop want you to be informed and know who is working on your car, and some key questions to ask before choosing a auto body shop and starting repairs:

Is the auto body shop certified? And by who?
Is the recommendation coming from your insurance company?
What is their BBB rating?
If the company has an online site (Facebook, Twitter, General Website) what is others saying about their service?
How much experience does the mechanics have on working on different brands of cars? Do they specialize on your car?
Do they work with certified parts of your car manufacturer or use 3rd party parts? Do they give you a choice to choose which to use?
Do they offer online viewing of the car when it is being worked on?
Do they offer a warranty on their work and how long is the warranty?

Most auto body shops offer some sort of answer to the questions above. If the auto body shop does not then you need to talk to your insurance provider and find a auto body shop that will take care of you as much as your car. Always remember that you have the right to choose where your car is being worked on.  When it comes to collisions, the Dodgeland Paint & Collision center costs an average of 33% less than other body shops and collision centers!

As always, you can count on Dodgeland to have the most modern body shop equipment and expertise in South Carolina… our body shop is I-CAR Gold Class Certified and Direct Repair Program (DRP) certified by most insurance companies!


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