Tips to Keep Your Car Battery Running Strong

13 Aug

Pull-ups, sit-ups and a little cardio will keep you in shape, but they won’t do much for your car battery. Your battery requires a different type of maintenance protocol — and, thankfully, there’s no sweating involved. Follow these five tips to keep your car battery healthy.


  1. Check your battery monthly for corrosion and/or debris near the terminals. Any type of material lodged between the terminals and the battery posts can prevent your car from starting and significantly reduce your alternator output.
  2. Make sure your battery is strapped tightly in place. The plates located inside the battery can get knocked out of place or damaged if the battery moves around too much while you’re driving.
  3. Keep your battery insulated if your car is regularly parked outside. Hot and cold weather can impact the length of a battery’s useful life. A battery insulation blanket is a low-cost investment that protects the battery from extreme temperatures.
  4. Only use distilled water in your battery. Water levels in the battery can reduce over time. If it’s time to replenish, stick with distilled water. Tap water can introduce chemicals into your battery, which can cause contamination.
  5. Drive the car regularly or get a float charger. The electrical system in your car uses small amounts of power from your battery when the car isn’t running. Normally, this doesn’t cause any problems, because the battery recharges itself when you drive the car. If you don’t drive the car regularly, the small power drain from the electrical system can actually discharge the battery completely. A float charger, also called a maintenance charger, can keep your battery strong when your car isn’t being driven. 

For more tips and advice on car maintenance, follow Dodgeland of Columbia on Facebook. Dodgeland of Columbia services all makes and models. We’re open six days a week and ready to provide expert advice and service to keep your new or used car running strong. Owned by JT’s Cars, Dodgeland of Columbia has been serving the community for 20 years and has some of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the southeast. The Dodgeland Paint & Collision Center is I-CAR Gold Class certified, DRP (Direct Repair Program) and certified by most insurance companies. Visit Dodgeland today or call us at (803) 317-2484.



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