Getting Ready for Summer Travel

2 Jun

From beautiful gardens and riverbanks to colorful arts scenes and historic homes, Columbia SC is a great stop for a family vacation. With schools being out, summer travel is on the rise and vacations spots are getting crowded. Here’s one place where you don’t have to worry about reservations or dealing with minimum age restrictions.

The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is packed with fun and lots to see. With more than 2,000 animals and blossoming gardens, there’s never a dull moment. It’s no wonder this is one of the nation’s most loved botanical garden and zoo. People of all ages can enjoy a fun experience at a low cost. The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is a unique destination where you actually pay less for more. From feeding giraffes and watching elephants to taking a tour of the aquarium, the zoo offers new discoveries all round.

The Riverbanks Zoo

The Riverbanks Zoo is home to about 350 species of animals from all over the world. There are plenty of fun activities to watch such as gorilla and elephant presentations and aquarium dive demonstrations. The kids will get to see the animals up close and get a chance to take pictures for their summer journals. If they’re lucky enough they might even get a chance to feed the penguins.

The Riverbanks Botantical Gardens

The Riverbanks Botanical Gardens was deemed as one of 10 gardens that inspire by Horticulture magazine for a reason. With nine unique gardens to explore, the Riverbanks Botanical gardens offer beautiful scenery and an abundance of color. It’s no wonder this is one of the most common locations for special events and weddings. The gardens beautifully display more than 4,200 species of plants from all over the world on 70 acres of land.

The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is open every day of the year except during Thanksgiving and Christmas. For a small charge you get to enjoy the Riverbanks attractions from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Visit the Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden website for more information.

Getting your Dodge Summer Ready

Car Summer Ready Checklist

Get your car checked out

Oil Change? Check. Tire Pressure? Roger that. Getting your Dodge ready for driving under the summer heat doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s a guideline to help you get started:

Get an Oil Change. Instead of waiting for the 3,000 mile mark to hit, it’s always better to follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual instead. This will ensure your car’s parts stay well lubricated at all times.

Check your Tire Pressure. When inspecting your tires check the pressure and pay attention to signs of uneven wear and tear. While you’re at it, get your wheels realigned for an improved ride quality.

Get your Brakes Inspected. With schools being out for summer, the roads are more crowded and less predictable. Now is a great time to get your brakes inspected. Although some accidents are unavoidable, having good brakes always comes in handy.

Check your Coolant. If you can’t remember the last time you had your coolant checked it might be time for a coolant flush. Relying on last winter’s tune-up is a recipe for disaster. Schedule a coolant flush to keep your car from overheating under the summer sun.

Memories are waiting to happen. Once you visit Columbia SC, you’ll be happy with the outcome. Be sure to visit Dodgeland of Columbia to get Dodge summer-ready. We are located just three minutes away from the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. You can find us at 190 Greystone Blvd, Columbia, SC 29210 or give us a call at (803) 799-1900!



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